Wilkes Consulting develops leaders & teams who perform their best.

"Susan has been a "go to" person for many units when there is the need for someone to help tackle complex organizational issues and create a focus for the future. She fosters a safe space that encourages the sharing of and listening to diverse perspectives which then produces a final product that all can appreciate and own. She brings out the creativity in a group with her calm demeanor and wonderful sense of humor."

strategic planning


Strategic planning with Wilkes Consulting focuses on helping diverse groups of people move beyond past limitations, share aspirations and dreams, and craft an exciting collective vision for the future.

Sessions are highly interactive and custom designed for your group. Survey tools, including time-saving internet surveys, are often used before and between sessions to generate momentum and to ensure maximum participation.

The development of tactical plans for bringing about lasting change is an important step in bringing the vision to reality.

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