"Susan is awesome – thoughtful, insightful, and a great facilitator."


I believe in combining an academic background with practical guidance to provide evidence-based training. I can help you or your organization with the following development services:




program design + Facilitation

We’ll work together to clarify your desired outcomes and then I’ll design a participatory program. Both the design and facilitation style of the sessions aim to provide an energizing way of learning and growing. Participants will learn and gain new insights through brief presentations, experiential activities, assessment inventories, focused conversation with colleagues, and case scenarios.


executive coaching

Coaching is a collaborative process of self-discovery, goal setting, and action taking – all designed to help you become more effective in accomplishing your goals and more fulfilled in doing so.   As a coach, I will listen closely, ask thought-provoking questions, share observations and perspectives, offer support and resources, and provide an encouraging learning framework.  




Assessment tools

Leadership, personality, and career assessment inventories can provide powerful insights and deeper levels of self-awareness.   Multi-rater, or "360-degree" feedback, where a variety of colleagues provide perspectives on your leadership, is especially useful.  While I use a variety of instruments, I can also design a custom 360 based on the leadership competencies most important to accomplish your organization’s mission.


team development

Teams are at their best when they share a common purpose, agree upon goals and methods, exhibit strong cohesion, and build trust.  I’ll collaborate with you to assess your team’s strengths and opportunities for growth, then design a session or retreat to help your group become a high performing work team.


strategic planning

Strategic planning services focus on helping diverse groups of people craft an exciting collective vision and strategy for the future. The process begins by gathering input from a variety of stakeholders through interviews and online surveys.  I’ll then design a custom session for your leaders to review the findings, clarify vision, set strategic goals, and move to action.




mindfulness-based stress reduction

Developed by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, MBSR is an 8-week class with demonstrated positive impacts on physical and psychological well-being.  I teach MBSR each semester through the Chrysalis Institute and am also available for shorter introductory presentations.



Mindful Self Compassion is a 8-week class designed to cultivate skills of self compassion to enhance our daily lives.   MSC is an evidence based curriculum that combines the skills of mindfulness and self compassion, providing a powerful tool for emotional resilience.

Susan has been a ‘go-to’ person to help tackle complex organizational issues. She fosters a safe space that encourages diverse perspectives which then produces a final product that all can appreciate and own. She brings out the creativity in a group with her calm demeanor and wonderful sense of humor.

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